Product No. HF-D002
  Product Name Inductive toilet flusher
  • Water inlet pipe caliber: G1
  • Water outlet pipe caliber: G1
  • Suitable water pressure: 0.1Mpa-0.7Mpa
  • Power supply voltage: AC 220V-50/60Hz(AC)
  • Static power consumption: <2W(AC) 0.5mW (DC)Inductive range: automatic distance measurement
  • Ambient temperature of operation: 0-45
  • Protection level: Ip56
  Functions and Features
  • Water saving: the water consumption is 6L for each time of use (note: water pressure is 0.3-0.6 Mpa)
  • Sanitation: all the flushing movements are automatically initiated by the sensor, and no manual operation is needed. The flushing is thorough with no residual peculiar smell, and cross infection of bacteria can be avoided.
  • Installation feature: wall-embedded installation design is suitable for the installation in standard wall body.
  • Intelligent odor resistance: when the toilet has not been used for a long time, the flusher will conduct an automatic flushing for every 24 hours, in order to prevent the residual water in the water trap from drying, and prevent the stench to flow back.
  • Antipollution function: it is able to prevent the reflux of waste water and contamination of water source.
  Explanation of Installation