Product Advantages

The inductive water taps of the company are installed with the independently developed water-saving water nozzles to ensure the following advantages:

  1. Broad scope of application: the product is suitable for use in families, office buildings, hotels and public places.
  2. Good performance: the shape of outgoing water is beautiful and elegant, the area of water usage is broad, the handle is full, soft and even, the water pressure is high but would not cause splash, the cleaning effect is good, the water can be effectively used, and you can use abundant water without care (the normal tighten clamp for water taps can save the water consumption, but the shape of outgoing water is irregular, the water flow is small, the water pressure is low, the area of water usage is small, and you have to carefully control the water flow, so it is very inconvenient).
  3. High economic value: the water saving rate is up to 73% (verified by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China), water resource can be fully saved, and thus the expenses of water usage can be greatly reduced.